Insula Thermal Break Plates

Insula Thermal Break Plates are manufactured with Insula IsoPoly insulating composite. They are manufactured in thicknesses from 10mm to 25mm and are typically used in steel to steel connections between steel end plates. They are a versatile product for a variety of applications and can be orientated both vertically and horizontally. 

Insula IsoPoly is a composite material that has been designed, tested and developed for the specific use as a structural thermal break plate with properties of high compressive strength and a substantially lower thermal conductivity value than structural materials such as steel and concrete. Insula IsoPoly is manufactured at our purpose built facility to ensure quality control and product consistency.

Insula Thermal Break Plates +

What distinguishes the Insula Thermal Break Plates + range is the incorporation of a steel plate bonded to one face of the Insula IsoPoly insulating composite which acts as a deformation plate and allows the thermal break to withstand higher loadings compared to the Insula Thermal Plate range.