Cantilever Balcony Building Connections

Timber Tee connection with thermal break
Concrete strap connection with thermal break

BalconyLife Timber Tee (left) and Concrete Strap (right) cantilever balcony building connections

BalconyLife are market leaders in the design and manufacture of thermally broken building connections for timber and pre-cast or insitu concrete floors. These building connections are included within the complete cantilever balcony packages and comprise of three parts as follows –

1. Timber Tee or Concrete Strap Building Connection

The Timber Tee is sandwiched between two solid timber joists supported on the buildings load bearing structure, to form a flitch plate / beam and clamped together with threaded stud, nuts & washers. The Concrete Strap is installed with threaded stud, nuts & washers by either drilling through the pre-cast or insitu concrete slabs or chemically anchoring. To chemically anchor the Concrete Strap to pre-cast concrete floor slabs the hollow cores need to be locally filled with concrete to a specified mix strength.

2. Insula ThermConX Thermal Break

The Insula ThermConX thermal break is bolted to either the Timber Tee or Concrete Strap face plates and ensures the building connection complies with the Building Regulations Approved Document L (Conservation of fuel and power) requirement to limit heat gains and losses through the insulation layers of the building fabric. A standard Insula ThermConX thermal break has an overall thickness of 80mm comprising of steel plates sandwiching Insula IsoPoly insulating composite with a non-continuous fixing through the thermal break. The Insula ThermConX thermal break combines structural performance to support cantilevered balcony loads with lower thermal conductivity values than alternative structural materials such as steel or concrete. The Insula IsoPoly composite material has been designed, tested and developed specially as a structural thermal break material. Sealing skirts are available to suit air tightness and vapour control requirements around the protrusions through the insulated cavity / layer.

3. Transfer Stub

The Transfer Stub is bolted to the front face of the Insula ThermConX thermal break located within the building insulation layer and provides a fixing plate outside of the building envelope for bolting the cantilever balcony structure to. The Transfer Stub is the part of the building connection that accommodates the construction method variables such as the width of the external wall and the proposed balcony floor level.

This building connection assembly provides a ready-made and tested solution that can be incorporated into the building design with the reassurance that the structural and thermal requirements for the connection are achieved.  

Timber Tee connection with Thermal break
Concrere strap connection with thermal break

Assembled Timber Tee building connection

Assembled Concrete Strap building connection